Get this bathroom organizer that comes with 4 stack s of varying colors, with vacuum-sucking holders for firmness to walls thus does not damage the wall, and can firmly adsorb on smooth surfaces.

It is a pretty easy to use, attractive design, can also be used as Tabletop decorative, Reusable – can be conveniently washed and used over and over again, It has a magnet inside help back to the original place.

 The upside-down cup dry fast and dust-free.

Perfect for storage in the corner of the kitchen and bathroom with its cylindrical ice cubes of 8.9 x 5 cm.

Made of plastic Size: 18.4 x 18.4 x 7.8 cm, Color may vary (Assorted), It’s Porous body allows water to drain out. Mount on a smooth and polished surface like Ceramic tile, glass, and mirror.

It is also perfect for cosmetics, bath products, and other small household items. New designed With two suction cups, stick tight and strong. One tray per order